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Date : 12-04-03 06:42
[Liver] To Whom It May Concern
 Writer : eyecure
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To Whom It May Concern: :namespace prefix = o />
This is to inform you that acupuncturist and oriental medicine doctor Young Yi of Annandale, Virginia has had a major role in sustaining my health for 15 years, even though I have what some doctors consider "terminal" liver disease.  He was the first practitioner to discuss I had serious liver health illness through his diagnosis, which 10 years later was found in blood tests as Hepatitis C which had destroyed much liver tissue, but never showed on annual blood works and physical exams.  So for 10 years, Dr. Yi worked on strengthening my liver and immune systems when other medical tests did not show the illness.  Hepatitis C is also a "quiet killer."  But the preventive action with acupuncture, herbs and other forms of oriental medicine were life savers.  
 Doctors in :namespace prefix = st1 />Virginia and at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore are very surprised that I am able to lead a normal life for so long while even though close to 90 percent of my liver is now damaged from cirrhosis related to the Hepatitis C. Also, I had liver surgery for tumor related to the illness.  But Dr. Yi’s Acupuncture
Treatment not only had helped reduce painful side effects from previous chemo therapy but also had a very healing effect on the tumor and my overall recovery. And although I cannot scientifically prove it, and I do believe prayers and a positive attitude have a lot to do with my healing. Dr. Yi’s assistance has certainly been very healing.   I am very grateful.  
I can provide more details upon your request.
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